Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oly Work + Trail Run

Good Work during our Sat AM Lift Session @ NoX Training
Huge personal Bests by Coach Mike and Chuck (videos below).

Shout out to Uli, Chuck, Ryan, Stephen, Jamie, Nick, Coach Mike, Katie, and Allyson for putting in good work on a Saturday morning.

500m Run Warmup

10x1 Split Jerk
*We ended up doing about 20 sets of 1
10x3 Speed Pulls
10x1 Front Squat

Then The hard part: 3-4 Mile trail Run thru Sycamore Canyon.

*Click Pictures to view full Size

                                                     Michael Hernandez 310# Split Jerk PR

                                                      Chuck La Rue 245# Split Jerk PR


Ryan Split Jerking

Speed Pulls