Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 6


Thanks Mando and RC Crossfit for having the NoX Crew come in and do some work. This WOD killed us. 

Team WOD: photo above
- Deadlifts @ 275 orr 225 for guys and 135 for ladies. Tabata deadlift: One partner does as many deadlifts as they can in 20 seconds while the other rests. Then keep switching turns until each partner does 8 sets. (Count your reps) 

-Farmer carry: guys carry a 35# plate in each hand (fingertips at the end of the plate) out 75 yards and back. Partner rest while other works until each partner does 2 sets. ladies carry 25# plates. 

-200M medball run W/ 20# medball: run together with partner at same time. 

-Wallclimbs: find a wall that is 4.5 feet talll. One partner jumps over 5 times while the other rests. Each partner must complete 4 rounds. *burpee box jumps substitute if no wall*

-200M medball run again 

-Wallclimbs agan

-Farmer carry again 

-finish with tabata deadlift again 
*count team total deadlifts + overall time.