Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 37: Conditioning - Why a 10k WOD?

Bench Press 5x6
Barbell lunges 4x10 @ 135#
*alternate between front rack and on back. 

Row as far as possible in 20 minutes with damper setting on 3. 

Every 5 minutes perform 20 dumbbell push presses with 55# Dumbbells each hand. 
*ie: minute 5/minute 10/minute 15/minute 20

The goal of this workout is to cover as much distance as possible in the 20 minutes. So you will have to get through the push presses fast so you don't waste too much time. 

-35 Burpee buyout
*if you don't feel like you're gasping for air after this one then you did not row hard enough. 

There are 2 months until the next CrossFit competition (other than the open next month and team competition that Coach Mike and Letty are in) and NoX will have at least 4 members competing. Trent, Uli, Courtney, and Jose III (and possibly AG?) will be turning up their volume and strength training over the next 2 months to prepare for the NLI Dynasty Series. Much of the work and getting better will be done @ NoX Training.

 However, to be a great CrossFit athlete you must do some of the training on your own. You must run on your own, you must do burpees on your own, you must eat a diet suitable for performance on your own, you must do extra push-ups on your own, you must do double unders on your own, you must _____ on your own. And again, you must run on your own! 

Coach Mike and his ingenious programming at the box will get you 99% ready for the competition but the items above still need to be done on your own outside of the box if you want to do the best you can. 

With the margin of error in a CrossFit competition so low, most of the time the main difference between the top athletes and the athletes that Finnish in the middle of the pack or at the bottom in a CrossFit Competition is determined by what certain athletes do for that extra 1% outside of the box. Put on you iPod or MP3 player and go on a 30 minute run. Wake up and do burpees and push-ups. Park at the end of the parking lot when you go to the store or work so that you are forced to walk further. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Run every set of stairs you go up/down. And most importantly, SLEEP! Sleep is crucial to recovery. Everything you add to your regimen at the Box will help. Happy Training and cannot wait to see the NoX Crew Compete!


2 x CrossFit Games Champion: Thor's Daughter

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