Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Training with Willis McGahee

NFL Star running back Willis McGahee stopped by NOXTraining yesterday and today to get some training in with Coach Mike to get ready for the upcoming GRID/CrossFit Season. Tomorrow we will go with Willis to train with Jon Pera at Jon's gym in Fontana so stay tuned for videos and pictures. Over the past 24 hours I took over 200 pictures so rather than take 30 minutes to sort through themI decided to just post them all on here. As always, if you decide to use them just be sure to tag @rxaction and @noxtraining  and hashtag #rxaction and #noxtraining. 

Yesterday's Training
1. 12 minute AMRAP:
20 kb swings (53#) 
20 wallballs (20#) 
20 slam balls (30#) 

2. 5x3 deficit hspu on plates with dumbbells (10" deficit")
*the dumbbells helped take the pressure off of my bad wrist. 
5x10 slow ring dips

3. 1k row for time

4. 5 minute EMOM: 12 Russian kb swings (115#+) 

5. 10 minute EMOM
Odd minutes: 10/8/6/4/4 Unbroken ring muscle ups
*minute 1 do 10, then minute 3 do 8...etc. 
Event minutes: 5 front squats (295#) 

6. 5x5 Clean pulls