Thursday, June 13, 2013

Day 164 : TBT + LC Dynasty III on Saturday

If you are into competing in CrossFit/Fitness/PoweLift/Oly Lift competitions, NoX is the best team to be on. The training environment, the programming, the competitiveness in the gym, the motivation, and the support at the competitions all produce positive results. This Sat. we will be supporting Trent and Nick at the LC Dynasty III Competition. First event is around 9:30am. Lets Roll DEEP. 

Visit for the full schedule and directions. 

Below are some pics I found from most of the competitions that NoX has participated in thus far. If any of you have a group picture from one of the events that is not on here please send it my way so that I can update this post asap. 

NLI - Sept 2011 

NLI - Nov 2011

LC Warrior Soul I - Aug 2012

LC Power Lifting Meet - Sept 2012

Moreno Valley 5k - Nov 3, 2012

BattleFit - Sept. 2012

LC Warrior Soul II - Oct 2012

LC Warrior Soul III - Dec 2012

LC Power Lifting Meet - Late 2012 

LC - Battle Of the Boxes - Jan 2013

C.A.L Co-Ed Team Comp - Jan 2013

LC Dynasty II - April 2013