Friday, August 1, 2014

LA Reign Training Camp + Home Match

Coach Mike left today for his first training camp for the Los Angeles Reign. Coach Mike will be training with Noah Ohlsen, Tommy Hackenbruck, Jon Pera, Lindsey Valenzuela, Kirstan Clever, and other top level CrossFit/Functional movement athletes in the world on a weekly basis up until their first match at Madison Square Garden in a couple of weeks.

Their first home match will be in Long Beach Pyramid (Walter Stadium) on Aug 31st. 

Be sure to buy your tickets here ASAP so that we can support Coach Mike and his new team. This is the first season of the NPGL so its success (as well as Coach Mike's Success) is based off of how many people go and support. Buy your tickets HERE. THANKS!

Wednesdays Workload
5x2 position clean(290#)
5x4 front squat (345#)

For time:
50 Double unders / 25 GHD sit-ups / 5 Muscle ups
40 Double unders / 20 GHD sit-ups / 4 Muscle ups
30 Double unders / 15 GHD sit-ups / 3 Muscle ups
20 Double unders / 10 GHD sit-ups / 2 Muscle ups
10 Double unders / 5 GHD sit-ups / 1 Muscle ups

Straight into 6 minute EMOM
1. 50 double unders
2. 3 muscle ups

Thursday Workload
20 Minute EMOM
1. 8 Front Rack Lunges (stay in place, step out then step back with same leg)
2. 10 unbroken Chest to Bar Pull-ups (10 burpee penalty for every break at the end of the EMOM)

Today's Workload
More lunges, burpees, running, wallballs, situps...32 minutes of pain and sweat. will post about it tomorrow.

OPEN GYM TOMORROW 10am-12pm, 7pm-9pm. Come lift, do the workout on the board, or just hangout and watch other people workout.
I will be at UCR Track on sunday evening 7pm to get some quality running in to end the training week. feel free to join me and invite whomever you want.