Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 180: Criteria for Competition

Some conversational topics have arisen at the box lately as we prep for our next competition; the LC Dynamic duo. One of the topics was: what criteria should you meet before you compete in a competition. As you probably figured out by now I do not read over and edit any of the material I write on the blog or internet. So please ignore any typos or grammatical errors. Also, please feel free to share your own criteria. 

My Criteria for entering into a competition:

"Wou must want to WIN! That is the most important thing; no matter what is thrown out there and to still want to win. 
YOu must want to win during the middle of a training session. You must want to WIN before a training session. You must want to 
WIN at all times of your day, whether its night, day, or when youre dreaming. You must want to WIN everyday...There is no
OFF-Day for wanting to WIN. Without wanting to WIN there is NO COMPETITION. Once you lose that 'want' then you should not compete. If Not wanting to win or not wanting to do what is necessary to win ever enters your thought process at any point (during training/rest/etc) then you are not ready to compete, Plain and Simple. Look up the definition of "Compete" in the dictionary and tell me what you see. The definition I got was "To strive against another or others to attain a goal, such as an advantage or a victory." Until you meet the criteria ABOVE you are not ready to compete."

-build up to 3 rep max overhead squat
-snatch balance skill work-
-snatch technique work-

Team "Josh" (teams of 2)
42 oh squats @ 95#
84 pull-ups
30 oh Squats
60 pull-ups
18 oh squats
36 pull-ups

High rep pull-ups = Rips, and falling off of the pull-up bar (see video below-PLAY CLOSE ATTENTION @ 47 seconds in)