Tuesday, June 10, 2014


There are many events coming up. The more people that get involved in one or more of these events the better. Start spreading the word of all of these events so that everyone is aware and no one is left out. 

 Next week Coach Mike will be competing in the NPFL Combine to try to earn a spot on a professional fitness league team. The Combine takes place next Monday-Wednesday so I know it will be hard for many of you to get out there to support; but if you can it will be a great experience. 

On June 28th NOX Training will have several athletes compete in the Saturday Night Lights by the California Affiliate League. As far as I know Patrick, Nick, Ashley, and Katie will be competing (sorry if I left anyone out). Be sure to call off of work or postpone any other plans to attend this event. NOX Training usually rolls deep to these events so lets keep up that trend. ALSO, NOX Training will be having its 3rd Anniversary BBQ after the event located at NOX Training after the competition. Feel free to bring food/drinks/or anything that will contribute to the cause. *Keep food as healthy as possible; partying is no excuse to lose track of our goals. Beer=paleo. 

NOX Training Mt. Baldy Summit: 2nd Annual 
Last year several NOX athletes summited Mt. Baldy. Mt. Baldy is the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains, and the highest point in Los Angeles County. It is a tough endeavor but it is definitely worth it; once you reach the top you have an amazing 360 degree view. Tentative date: Aug 17th

Check out the video below. I've always known that real Cross Training such as CrossFit is the best type of conditioning for a fighter and also the best pre-season conditioning for other sports. It's about time professional athletes are starting to use this training methodology. Can't wait to see the Fight in a couple of weeks and to see what type of conditioning Guerrero will be in at that fight.

15 Minute EMOM
1. 10 SDHP135# barbell
2. 20 Ring Rows
3. 30 Second Air-dyne sprint