Wednesday, August 14, 2013

8/14/13: The WORKLOAD Continues

6 x 500m Row
2 minutes rest between each interval
Kept all times as close to 1:45 as possible

Rest 15 Minutes

15 Minute EMOM
Every minute perform 3 Touch and go Deadlifts @325#
then do double unders until the halfway point thru each minute.
**for ex: if it takes you 10 seconds to do the deadlifts, then you will do dubbs for 20 seconds. Your rest will be 30 seconds.

Rest 15 minutes

Ring Dips
Hand Release Push-ups

Rest 5-10 minutes

100 strict pull-ups

Rest 15 minutes

2 Rounds:
200m ski erg at 100% intensity
10 pull-ups
rest 1 minute

8/13/13: WorkLoad

5 x 3 Touch and go power snatch
*i built up to 205# in about 7 sets

100 Power Cleans @185#
begin each minute with 5 chest to bar pull-ups and continue until 100 power cleans are completed.

5 Rounds:
Run 400m
10 Toes to bar
20 Ring Push-ups
Rest 1 minute
My time= 14:48 which takes account for the 4 minutes of rest in the total workout.