Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 161: Weekly Fuel

" I went to KO CrossFit with my boss this morning, then I went to the box for a REAL workout"
-Uli  aka the Hardest Worker I know-

Today's AM Workload
30 Minutes to build to a Heavy 1 Rep Clean

-Rest 5 minutes-

For time:
1000m row
10 Muscle Ups
*do not pace the row as this should be a 1k time trial, followed by 10 muscle ups. 

Nutrition + Training + Sleep + Rest = Health and Fitness
This equation is a simple equation on how to improve your health and fitness levels (I left out "genetics" from the equation as there is no proof of how genetics can or can not increase performance, the fact that it is a controversial field, and you cannot change it). Increase any element on the left hand side of the equation and your health and fitness will be greater. Increase all elements on the left hand side of the equation and you will see big results on what is on the right hand side (health and fitness)...its simple math. 

Over my whole life as an athlete (age 5) I have always had plenty of training, plenty of sleep, and plenty of rest, but never really focused on any nutrition. It wasn't until about 1 month ago that I decided to complete the equation. I have always been happy with my results as an athlete as my body always responded positively to the stresses I put it through. However, a true athlete is never completely satisfied. I recently decided that I need to maximize each factor in equation to be able to give myself the best opportunity in my health and fitness goals. 

Without getting into extreme detail about my nutrition, below is a picture of the Fuel Coach Mike and Myself go through on a weekly basis (other than the monsters, this is only one day's worth, and the meats). We usually mix the veggies and sweet potatoes in different combinations with different sources of protein. Grill up bell Peppers and onions with Chicken, steak, eggs, and/or bacon and you have a full meal. Mix up different combinations of what you see here with your meats, fish, or eggs and you will never get bored with food options. For the sweet tooth all you need to do is blend up bananas, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries with ice and 100% orange juice/water. A fruit smoothie is best either before a training session or immediately after.