Monday, August 3, 2015

Meal Prep Monday [Give-a-way]

I will most likely be taking a week off of training this week. It is a tough decisioning (for those that know me, know that I am always working out) but I haven’t really taken proper rest from training since I went to Puerto Vallarta for a week May 2014. Before this was December 2013…so I think its well overdue for me to get more than a days rest. 

Today’s post is dedicated towards eating healthy, meal prepping, and some pictures from the Competition at CDR over the weekend. Meal prepping and eating healthy can be tough to start but with the right sources it can be made easy. 

This book has helped cooking be easier and has allowed me to cook healthier meals without even having to put much thought into it any longer. This has given me a lot of knowledge when it comes to cooking, and nutrition that can help reach a numerous amount of goals (whether it is athletic, aesthetic, or general health). 

I feel like I have taken everything I can from this book and now its time to pass it on to someone else that can benefit from it. The book is over 400 pages and contains information on how to improve your health in addition to recipes.  

***First person to email me will receive the book***

Heres the catch, once you are done using the book you must pass it onto someone else that you feel can benefit from it. That is all. 

I wasn't able to go to the comp because I've had food poisoning for a few days. But Ash was able to fill in my spot as photographer. Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy and be sure to give photo cred to @ashleyacemarie and also tag @noxtraining Thanks.