Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 11: Exemplars Of Fitness

"It will come as no surprise to most of you that our view of fitness is a Contrarian view. The General Public both in opinion and in the media holds endurance athletes (triathletes,marathon runners, etc) as exemplars of fitness. We do not."

Who said it? When?


3 rounds of:
20 kettle bell swings (Guys 88# Advanced or 70# scaled / Ladies 70# advanced or 50# scaled)
15 hand stand pushups (or piked pushups if you need to scale)
5 Ring muscle ups (or 5 chest to bar pullups scaled)
Rest = time it takes to complete a round
*Sprint through each round as fast as possible

Rest 10 Min

Then Complete the following
2000M Run
Rest 4 Min
1500M Run
Rest 3 min
1000M Run
Rest 2 Min
500M Run
*record your overall time it takes to complete, including the rest.
Post times to comments

Anybody going to the OC Throwdown This weekend?

Here is a Good article defining FITNESS. I find it crazy that no one has attempted to really define what fitness is until 2002. I ask anyone out there who disagrees with this article to write something that makes better sense or to provide another article that explains fitness in a better way. Don't worry, Ill Wait.