Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Endurance + Stamina / CAL Affiliate League recap

First off I want to congratulate Denise, Ashley, Katie, Steven, Patrick, and Nick for all smashing the CAL Affiliate league yesterday. Everyone gave it their all and us watching were all so impressed with the performance and intensity that each one displayed. I will talk more of this on tomorrows post and hopefully have some great pictures and video that were taking.

Also, thanks for everyone who came out to the 3rd Annual NOX Party. It was a huge success with lots of food, drinks, and good times. Thank to Peach and Pops buying all of the food and spending 8+ hours preparing the food.

 It was good to see a mix of people that have been at NOX since Day 1, New people that have recently started, and anywhere in between. Lets make the next year the best one yet. Check back tomorrow for more pictures and video from the weekend and of course my training blog portion.

Like I've said before, I usually use my Sundays to do something a bit longer to work on stamina and endurance...Something that wont make me too sore for the upcoming work but still benefits my overall fitness. Here's what I did.

4 Rounds (40 minute clock):
3 minutes airdyne
3 minutes rowing
4 minutes amrap of
     20 ring push-ups
     20 box jumps
     20 ring push-ups
     *Cycle through as many rounds as possible  the 3 movements for 4 minutes

Here's the newest video on Coach Mike's Youtube Channel. I recorded a few clips of coach mike going head up against Dan Bailey, Josh Bridges, Kenneth Leverich, and other top CrossFit Games Competitors.  If you haven't done so yet, please subscribe so that you get the updates instantly once a new video is uploaded.