Thursday, May 15, 2014

5-15-14 Central East Regional

10 Minute SQUAT test-try and accumulate 10 minutes in the bottom of a squat position. 
REST DAY- my first day not doing anything intense in a while. Instead I spent a few minutes working on mobility and stretching to help me recover. 

Got my NOX Training shirt today. If you've recieved yours, post up a pic on facebook or IG. The SOCAL Regionals are a week away and I hope everyone will wear something with NOX on it to support Coach Mike. 

Tomorrow is week 2 of the CrossFit Regionals. For all of you training and planning on competing in a CrossFit/Fitness Competition soon I recommend that you tune in to the live coverage feed the Central East Regionals. More specifically, pay close attention to the final heat of the Men's and Women's competition. You will see the top athletes in the world compete and you will be able to pick up how these athletes approach every workout. 
You will also be able to see the movement and efficiency that these athletes move with that separates them from the rest. Rich Froning, Marcus Hendren, Scott Panchik, Joseph Weigel, and Julie Foucher are ones to look out for. The Europe Regional will also be going on (but will start about 3am due to the time difference. There will be live streaming of the events at the CrossFit Games website. Sam Briggs is the name to look out for at the Europe Regionals.


Nothing to write today. Here is an old pic of a competition last year. We always roll deep to support our competitors and lets continue the trend and Roll Deep to The SoCal Regionals next weekend.

3 Rounds: Sprint 400m every 3:20
*ie round one when clock starts
**round 2 at 3:20
**round 3 at 6:40

My results (1:05, 1:03, 1:02)

when the clock hits 10:00 you will start a 10 minute EMOM
Minute 1: 30 sec barbell curls(45#) / 30 seconds barbell presses (45#)
Minute 2: 30 sec grasshoppers / 30 sec situps
*alternate between the 2 sets every minute until 10 minutes are up

400m Sprint buy-out
My results: 1:14

Rest 10 minutes

3 rounds:
10 single arm DB bench presses (10 each arm)
10 Clapping push-ups
20 weighted v-ups