Monday, August 26, 2013

8/25/13: Clean Sunday

Build up to a heavy single clean
*I built up to 315#, which is the heaviest i've gone without using Olympic lifting shoes. I guess you can call that a PR. I started at 135# and added 10-20# each set until I reached 315#.

Rest 5 Minutes

Then 1 Power Clean + 1 Full clean Every Minute (touch and go) for 12 Minutes @265#

Rest 10-15 Minutes

10 x 200m Rowing Sprints with 45 seconds rest between each interval.
*pace should be your first 200m of your 1000m pace, or faster.

8/23/13: 30 Minute Interval

10 x 1 Snatch

10 x 1 Pause Overhead squats @155
*Pause for 10 seconds at the bottom

Every minute cycle thru the following movements for the entire 30 minutes.
The only rest you get is the time remaining of each minute after the prescribed work is complete.

1. 10 burpee box overs (20" box)
2. 10 Overhead squats (95#)
3. 100m Sprint

Rest 15 minutes

Then another 30 minute interval session as described above except new movements

1. 30 Seconds max effort air dyne
2. 10 Pull-ups (minimal kip)
3. 50 double unders