Monday, June 30, 2014

CAL Video + Today's Training + Nutrition

Today's Workload
2 sets: 1 power snatch + 2 Snatches @ 155#
3 sets: 1 power snatch + 2 snatches @165#

2 sets: 3 jerks @220#
3 sets: 3 jerks at 235#

2 sets: 7 clean pulls 330#
3 sets: 5 clean pulls @330#

1 set: 8 back squats @285#
1 set: 8 back squats @310#
1 set: 8 back squats @335#
2 sets: 6 back squats @355#

2 minute amrap Thrusters 95#
-rest 2 minutes-
2 minute amrap HR Push-ups
-rest 2 minutes-
2 minute amrap Hand release deadlifts @225# (cannot drop weight at the top of lift and must release grip at the bottom of each rep)

Today's Lunch
Its Monday so that means I am back to eating healthy until friday... No Cheat meals until sat/sunday. 
Now that I am at a weight that I want to stay at (+/-5 lbs) I find that this routine is helping me maintain my weight and I don't see fluctuations any longer. Now that I am going to increase training volume over the next 2 months I should see a couple more lbs disappear without changing anything else with my nutrition. If you are not where you want to be weight-wise, then you don't deserve a cheat day until you reach your weight goal because one cheat day can mess up your progress obtained over many weeks of hard work. Ever since experimenting with this diet routine I found fast and easy ways to eat healthy. For example, the meal posted below only took about 15 minutes to cook today during lunchtime. 

Healthy Carbs (red/green bell peppers, red potatoes)

Protein and HEALTHY Fat 

Once bacon is done, cook bell peppers and potatoes in the bacon grease (healthy fat)

1 cucumber and 1 red onion sautéed in lemon juice(8 lemons) and orange juice (1 orange), sea salt, black pepper. 

CAL Affiliate League Photos

Thanks Mitch for the great photos. Check back tonight for my regular post.