Friday, May 2, 2014

5-2-14 "Harvest your Fitness"

For time:
500m run
50 sumo deadlift high-pulls w/ 88# kettle bell
50 box jump overs (24") box
50 wallballs
50 ring dips
50 wallballs
50 box jump overs (24") box
50 sumo deadlifts high-pull w/ 88# kettle bell
500m run

rest 20 minutes

5x5 High Bar back squat

10 rep burnout backsquats

Rest 5 minutes

Bench press: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1  with the following weights

* your only rest should be the time it takes you to add the extra weight for the next set. 

*WARNING-I typed this without going back and editing it, so expect spelling/grammar errors*
Growing a garden is a lot like your fitness; you cannot water it a couple times a week and expect for it to GROW. Just like watering your garden, you must workout at least once a day to be healthy and 'fit'. After only 2 months of planting my garden it is ready to be harvested. This is unlike your fitness as you cannot become fit in 2 months. Heath and fitness is much more than working out.  Fitness is a lifestyle and unless you adopt that lifestyle you will not become fit and healthy. Your diet and nutritional intake must be of quality as well. Yes it is O.K. to have beer and junk food every once in a while... But if beer and junkfood takes up more than 10% of your total intake then you have a big problem and will probably never become healthy and FIT. Once you reach a point where you are happy with your health and fitness you will be able to enjoy more junkfood and beer.  Until that time comes you must be dedicated with your workouts and nutrition as It is much easier to maintain health and fitness than obtaining it initially. 

Earn and appreciate your Fitness! 

Many people today want a quick fix. People want things now; whether it's food (fast food), money, or fitness..etc. Of course it is easy to go to the store and see already grown produce ready to eat but I would rather grow and earn my food. I would like to reach a point where I can grow/ raise all the food I consume. Growing my garden has taught me the patience needed in order to see results in my health and fitness.  I workout hard every day but don't necessarily see the progress from day to day. But, after 2 months of watering and working hard I can finally see the fruits of my hard work. But again, I wouldn't see those fruits of my hard work only watering/working out a couple times a week.

 I go to the produce section in the store now and appreciate seeing an apple, a tomato, a cucumber because I know the amount of time and work put in to get those. I now appreciate being able to squat heavy, run fast, do muscle ups, because I know the hard work I put in to get those. I will enjoy eating my harvest but I know I will want to grow MORE quantity and variety next time.  I appreciate being able to squat heavy, run fast, and do muscle ups but it makes me want to learn new movements and do MORE next time. That's why I like to work hard at things such as my health and fitness; because of the appreciation you have of what you have after and also the hunger to achieve more. 

Growing a garden is a lot like your fitness; you cannot water it a couple times a week and expect it to GROW.