Monday, August 4, 2014

Weakness is a Choice + Mondays at NOX Training

Mondays at NOX Training

"For the majority of athletes, weakness really is a choice, and its a choice that is manifested by the coaching you choose to listen to, or the training methods you decide to adhere to. If you want to get better at everything all at once, you are making a decision to remain weak by not streamlining your goals and breaking them into manageable tasks. If you truly want to become strong, you will become strong. Strength is not some far off, unattainable legend that only people with perfect genetics attain. Strength comes from recognizing what you are good at, and more importantly, admitting what you are poor at, and adjusting your training accordingly. If you are weak, it is because your choices have lead you there. Choose to become strong."
 -LiftBigEatBig Facebook post-

*this also applies to any other area of fitness and life. If you lack endurance, it is because your you chose to lack endurance, by your lifestyle and training may not even be your methodology, but your intensity you bring to your workouts. IF you want to have great endurance then you will achieve it.  IF you are not happy with your body weight/composition it is because you chose that result. Nothing just happens by itself, Everything happens because you caused it to happen. 

I like to follow influential people in different realms of fitness, whether it is power lifting and strength training such as Lift Big Eat Big, endurance running such as Brian Mckenzie, Mobility such as Kelly Starrett, or even Gymnastics with Carl Paoli. I believe that we can learn some things from every corner of fitness; even from specialists such as the ones just mentioned.  I even follow a very influential body builder such as Kali Muscle. I've recently read one of his social media posts and it was related to nutrition. I always knew the importance of nutrition but what Kali said about nutrition in his latest post made me look at it a slightly different way. Here is his Picture he posted along with the caption of the picture:

"I've never not seen my abs in my entire life! If you work out consistently but you don't see your abs you need to re-assess why you are working out. Just because you workout don't mean you can eat anything all the time. You must learn and study nutrition to really acquire your fitness goals. I used to be one of those people before I started competing in body building that thought I could eat anything and still be at peak level, and boy was I wrong. After 25 years of training I'm still learning how important nutrition really is. MY advice to all of you that want to see your abs year round is to drop all added salt to your foods and lower your carbohydrate consumption." -Kali Muscle-

30 Minute AMRAP
10 bench presses (155#)
25yard sled push (350#)
25yard farmers carry (2x110# dumbbells)
10 strict pull-ups (with coming down from the bar after each rep)

Jerks- just worked with light to moderately heavy sets of 3; working on speed and getting under the bar for when it gets heavy. This was mostly for building muscle memory. We ended up getting about 30+ sets of 3.

10 rounds:
45 seconds air dyne
10 lateral burpees over rower

Track Day
400m run warm-up
hurdle/running drills

1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m
walk 200m rest between each interval.

3x5 Squat, 20 rep burnout

5 rounds:
1 minute row
1 minute wallballs
1 minute rest

5 minute emom:
10 chest to bar pull-ups