Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday Training Photos: Dynamic Dup Prep

Here are some Saturday Comp Prep Pictures. We are missing pics of Kay and AK because I brought out the camera too late, they had already went home. Today's Workload was short sprint intervals with low volume overall so that we will be ready next saturday. We did some rowing, some lightweight touch and go power cleans, ski erg, and some sled pushes. Like coach Mike said, If you guys been giving it 100% over the past few months then today should have felt fast, with heart-rate high but you should of felt like you are still able to push through the end.

I wont be posting much until after the dynamic duo next saturday. The work is done, now its time to fine tune and maintain the work capacity that we built up over the past few months. Oh yea, Bibo got his first workout at NOX today in over 2 months and he was struggling but he got through it. Good work Bibo. See you guys next week.

That moment you start a 5 minute EMOM of sled pushes and the sled doesn't budge 1 inch.  

 I remember my first workout at NOX

Partner ring dip ladder after the workout today. 2-4-6-8-10-12-14....20

Anthony Killing it on the Sled EMOM

BD's swollen legs after the sled EMOM

 I remember my first time working out at NOX during de-load week. 

Bibo hating life during the sled EMOM

Patty Killing it on the sled

Rowing/3 rep touch and go cleans for max sets/ski erg

 135# never felt so heavy.