Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 39: Aches and Injuries: The Necessary and the Inevitable

OH Squats 5x3
Statch Balance 5x3 
Deadlifts 5x3

"Fight Gone bad"
In this workout you spend 1 minute at each station before moving on to the next station.
After the 5th station you rest 1 minute and then repeat the set 2 more times for a total of 3 rounds.  

1. Rope Climbs (15')
2. Sumo Deadlift High Pull w/ kettle bell (50#)
3. Bear Crawl (1 rep = 20' crawl) 
4. Pistols
5. GHD wallballs
-Rest 1 minute

Some of the Friday Night Crew

AG Gettin his 2nd Bar Muscle Up (missed the first one)

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Have you guys heard of Donny Shankle? If not you should definitely look him up. Shankle is a five time national champion and was the second ranked American lifter heading into last year’s London Olympics. Here is a video clip of him during training and below the video is a statement by him regarding Aches and Injuries. Donny is a Weight Lifter but much of what he says applies to every sport, especially CrossFit. 

"In order to strengthen your will power, pushing through aches and injuries is a necessary part of your training. It is your mind which moves the bar, and in particular it is your will power. Your mind will break you free from comfort zones so long as your will power is strong and, you have the freedom to make it strong. Husbands have the freedom to not cheat on their wives, drunks have the freedom to not drink and create problems for themselves, weightlifters have the freedom to either add the kilo and improve or quit and be satisfied. Your muscles are just slabs of meat which react to the commands your mind gives them either consciously or unconsciously. Without the will power of your mind commanding them they are lifeless. Do not be frustrated when you have a nagging ache or an injury. They will inevitably come and that is OK. See a doctor and get yourself checked out but, understand this is a wonderful part of your training and you should receive it with celebration and joy. Push through this part of your training and you will be one step closer to mastering your strength. Become the master. Many really good weightlifters drop off at this pivotal point accepting their time as an athlete came and went (beginners usually walk away because they have no pain tolerance) or they walk away on a high note convincing themselves they gave it all they had. But these are the exact moments you must keep going and continue being convinced you have much more left to give. This line you must walk is one which you have been working towards for your entire career. Your will power has finally been brought to the fire. It is at this moment you must push through those aches or injuries. Rest, heal, come back stronger, keep winning, and most importantly, finish what you fucking started." 
-Donny Shankle