Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 50: Countdown

Ever have any thoughts and/or questions about CrossFit (or any elements of physical fitness training) and why we do some of the things we do or do not do in training? Every wonder what the benefits are of certain workouts and/or exercise movements? If so, here is your chance to pick the brain of an individual that has been training for athletic competition for over 17 years of his life (and he is only 24 years old!!).  This person knows from first hand experience what works and what does not. In addition, this person is also book and classroom educated in Kinesiology. This person is Coach Mike (my brother). Feel free ask any questions in the comment section of this blog or email any questions you may have and Coach Mike will answer in his opinion based on his substantial experience in physical fitness. If there are too many question to answer he will pick a common theme or pick a few of the best questions. So go ahead and ask your questions. 
*Email: anolympiancsuftrack@yahoo.com
*Please indicate whether or not you will like to keep your name anonymous when Coach Mike creates his response to your question. 


1k Row
5 Burpess every minute for 10 Minutes

Strength WOD

3 Deadlifts @ 325 and 30 Double Unders
Perform the reps Every Minute, on the Minute, for 12 Minutes.
*Goal is to complete every round in 30 seconds so you have 30 seconds rest (1:1 work/rest)

-Rest 10-15 Minutes-


For time:
5 Bar Muscle Ups
15 Snatches @ 135#
25 Pull-ups
10 Snatches @ 155#
35 Toes to bar
5 Snatches @ 175#

Giving it my all to prep for the CrossFit Open! Balancing Law School, Coaching, Training, and everything else life has to offer is tough but not an excuse for poor performance. If something is an excuse for reaching a goal then maybe the goal was not really a goal.