Tuesday, October 21, 2014

WIN $500 --- Why do you love Coach Mike / NOX Training?

Im not sure if you have heard yet, but the CrossFit Journal has a contest going on right now.

Simply write a short article on why you love your CrossFit Affiliate, Coach, or group of people you workout at and your story can be featured on the CrossFit Journal. NOX Training is not an affiliate but that is not a requirement for the contest. 

The journal will publish one a month and award that person $500. I say its worth a try. 

Here are the rules for the contest:

Some of the requirements are:
1. articles must be original, unpublished work. 
2. article must be submitted in a word document attached to an email - Ariel Font only. 
3. maximum of 500 words
4. each article requires 1 high resolution photo (i can help anyone with this, just let me know). 

click the link above for the full details.