Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rest Day

I started a 12 Week Catalyst Athletics weightlifting program on Monday so I'll be walking around pretty sore most of the time. I will be weightlifting 5 days a week and also doing the workout of the day at NOX Training. This is what I did today.

3 position clean
2x1 @205#
2x1 @225#

2 Power Jerks + 1 Jerk
2 sets @135
2 sets @145
* I am keeping anything overhead light so that I don't re-injure my shoulders

Clean Deadlifts
4x5 @305#

Front Squat
2x6 @245
1x5 @265
1x3 @285

-Then did the NOX Training workout that was on the board today. Every day of the week at NOX Training has its own theme and Wednesdays we usually do bodyweight intensive workouts. Double unders, push-ups, planks, grasshoppers, etc. I don't have much to write today so just enjoy the pictures from today. If you decide to share them then please tag @noxtraining and @rxaction. Also share the blog by clicking the facebook button to the right of this post. Thanks!