Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Monday Training

New stats that came out in the news..
There are more obese people in the world than there are malnourished people. And there are more sad people in the world than there are happy. 

Happiness isn’t something you seek directly. it is a result of multiple things going right in your life at once. 

Health and fitness is one of those things. But a lot of people see someone that is “fit” on a magazine, or see a friend that is fit and say, I want to look or be as fit as that person right there. But, what they don’t realize is that they have to LEARN how to become fit or whatever it is they want to be. You can’t achieve fitness, health, and happiness directly. You have to learn the methods in which you become fit. You must learn nutrition. You must learn about the body. You must learn about the brain. You must keep on learning so that you can help you reach your goals. Achieving fitness is not just showing up to the gym and working out. You must learn how to recover. How to hydrate. how to feel your body so that you can become fit. Never stop learning and you will find yourself reaching the goals you had set out…OR, you may find yourself looking back at goals and asking yourself, what in the heck was I thinking when I made that goal. So, don’t seek the thing (fitness, health, happiness)…seek the knowledge and everything else will take care of itself. 

Monday Training
5x2 snatch from blocks
5x2 split jerks
2x4 back squats
2x3 backsquats
2x2 back squats
5x4 clean pulls

3 rounds:
1 minute squat clean AMRAP @60%
1 minute rest

4 minutes rest

13 minute AMRAP:
40 wallballs
30 hand release push-ups
20 toes to bar
10 burpees

then 3 rounds
20 walking lunges w/ 2 dumbbells
20 air squats
20 v-ups (weighted)