Monday, January 21, 2013

Day 21: Limits

*Recovery from this past weekends LA Battle Of the Boxes.
5x8 Back Squat
5x8 Push Press
3x10 Skull Crushers
3x10 Ring Dips
3x10 Weighted GHDs (10# dumbell held behind your head) 
*do these in circuit style... ex: 1 set of back squat, 1 set of push press, 1 set of skull crushers, 1 set of ring dips, 1 set of weighted GHDs...Then Repeat until all sets are completed. Try and minimize your rest between cycles and only rest after a round is completed. 

Bike/Cycle 6 Miles as fast as possible (with hills)

Rest as needed


21 burpees as fast as possible (as part of our 365 day burpee Challenge)

Dips = The upper Body Squat

"Nearly Everyone takes limits of his own vision for the limits of the world. 

A few do not.  Join them." 

One of the persistent obstacles to unlocking human capacity is the vagueness or narrowness of our view of time. If we let ourselves get swept along in the all consuming times of the 'now', there is little chance to ponder what came before or imagine what is yet to come. History and memory are the vital factors in unlocking human potential. Thus, it is important to spend at least a few minutes each day recalling something about where you come from and the experiences in life that have had the greatest influence in shaping what you have become. Remembering family traditions, adversities from the past, and challenges in the past serves to sharpen and deepen your perspective. Many people who have had it hardest in life, or whose ancestors had it the hardest, have greater access today to hidden capacity. Think of the sacrifices teachers/coaches, ancestors, and mentors had so you could have freedom and a better life. Think of the sacrifices you have done so that you can be the best you can be at whatever you are trying to become. For all of you who competed this past weekend or are about to compete in the future; use this forward / backwards looking techniques to help your remember what you have experienced in the past weekend and apply it towards the future. 

Here are More Photos from the past weekend. Most were taken by PROGENEX, an event sponsor. Click photos to view full size. 
Shout out to Team RoX (RC CrossFit + NoX Training) for killing it this past weekend at LA Battle of the Boxes. 3 Members From NoX Teamed up with Danielly From RC and ended up in 6th Place out of 54 Teams. The Team Dominated WOD 1 with a win and placed 3rd in the final WOD. NoX and RC CrossFit members share the competitive drive and are like family. Thanks RC CrossFit for welcoming us to your box. 

 WOD 1 Madness

 She is only 2 months into CrossFit (track and field backrounds are great for crossfit).

Coach Mike Putting in work! My Face shows how much 40 deadlifts @ 315 felt.