Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19: Non-Affiliation


50 burpees as fast as possible
Rest 1 min
50 air squats as fast as possible 
Rest 1 min
25 burpees as fast as possible

By: Coach Mike

NoX  and its "Non-Affiliation"

"When are you going to get affiliated?" -A question I've frequently been asked. So, here's my answer.

When I started NoX, my ultimate goal was to become an actual CrossFit Afilliate. CrossFit has established it's "name" over the years and has blown up incredibly. You can probably run to 5 different affiliates in one day from our box and notice that they are all generally the same as far as equipment, class schedules, and general programming designed to expose its members to a variety of different movements based around the 10 elements of Fitness. Specializing in NOT specializing. It became apparent to me that CrossFit was no longer this new training program, but a name brand of a training philosophy that has already been in  existence for many years.

My idea was to take CrossFit one step further and combine it with the Sport Specific training I had undergone during my college years. To become "athletic" along with becoming Cross- "Fit". By athletic I mean combining it with the training methods used in the sport of Athletics, or as we know it here in the U.S. as Track & Field.

Recently we have been attending CrossFit events, making an impression within the Community as NOX. We stand out. We are different because our shirts don't say CrossFit on them like majority of the other teams there. But I have had many people approach me, compliment our box, and ask what we are. I tell them we are kind of like a crossfit gym, with a twist of athletic programming coming from my track & field background, and no set class schedule that makes many gyms rush through their strength training just so they can finish in time before the next class begins. Strength training takes time, constant instruction, and more than one movement in order to fully reach our daily training goals. We aren't just a gym that preps it's members with GPP, or General Physical  Preparedness.

I challenge any of my members to go train at another crossfit gym for a few months. I'll see you back at NoX. This has already happened, as a few people changed gyms because they found a Groupon for cheap classes at a crossfit gym. Little did they know that those gyms require a few months of "foundation" classes to teach you the basic movements of crossfit before they even join the regular classes. Yeah those are the classes you will get a great deal on on groupon. Those members came back and said it wasn't the same. Not mentioning any names, but they came back.

One of these years I may consider becoming affiliated just because that will just be another option. But for now, I prefer being NOX, and not "fitting in" to the crowd.

Credits to my decathlon coach, Lauren Reimer, who turned me into a new animal my 3rd and 4th years of college and taught me a lot about work ethic and workload.

Shout out to our 3 teams competing at LA Battle of the Boxes this weekend at the LA convention center. Team Ducks fly Together: Kay, Allyson, A.G. and Uli. Team 2: Letty, Danielley(RCCF), Trent, and Chuck. Team ATP Extreme: Me, Dick, Genie(CF Reality), Ashley Nilson(CF Horsepower).

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