Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5-13-14 "Small + Big Goals"

 NOX Training practicing the CrossFit Regionals Day 1 Workouts

Yesterday's Workload
15 Minute EMOM
Min1: 10 Front rack alternating lunges (185#) 
Min2: 10 barbell facing burpees
min3: 10 strict HSPU (strict as long as possible then resort to kipping once strict burns out)


Regionals Day 1 Workouts
1. 3 attempts for max hang snatch (2 minutes each attemp, 6 minutes total)
2. Max distance handstand walk in 3 minutes
3. "Nasty Girls" Version 2

Today's Workload
4 x500m row 
10 Rounds of TABATA: air dyne, double unders, hollow rocks (15 minutes total time)
5 rounds DB Complex (renegade rows, RDLs, split hang cleans)

Improve Overhead movements with this stretch, courtesy of MobilityWOD

 Photos From yesterday's AND today's workload 



A goal is a goal. It doesn't matter if its a BIG goal or a small goal, it is a goal and you cannot give more importance to one over the other. I've recently completed my final final (yes I intended to say final final) in law school and it was a goal that I had set out about 3.5 years ago and it was just one of many goals I have set and accomplished for myself since then. 90 percent of my goals in the past 4 years have either been Law School related or Fitness related (i've been selfish lately and so should you). Some people may label completing law school as a really big goal, but I just consider it just another goal...a stepping stone. I am not diminishing the value of completing law school, I am just saying that I have learned to not discriminate between so called "big goals" and "small goals". The reason is this. It was not until recently that I have thought really hard before setting my goals in concrete and it was this thinking that has caused me to set my so called "small goals" that would help me reach my "big goals". I have set probably thousands of "small goals" that helped me get through Law School alone. This means that the "small goals" are equally, if not more important than the "big goals" because without the "small goals" there are no "big goals". Without those thousands of small goals I would have never completed Law School. If you have "big goals" for yourself but not any "small ones"to help you get there, then that is not a goal, it is merely an illusion.

This also plays a role in my fitness training at NOX Training. I have always wrote down my "big goals" on the whiteboard at the beginning of each year without ever writing down the "small goals"...but this doesn't mean that I did not set any for myself in my head. More Specifically, the goals on the whiteboard are supported by hundreds of other goals that will be necessary to get me there. Some of the "big goals" I set for myself fitness-wise are to clean 365#, squat 500#, run a 5 minute mile, 20 unbroken muscle ups, and many more. These goals mean NOTHING without the "small goals" that will help me get there.  Without the extra mobility sessions on a regular basis I wont be able to catch the clean in a proper position with 365#'s on the bar.  Without the extra squatting sessions (in addition to our #Mosquatmondays) I will never reach 500# on my back squat. Without Practicing my muscle ups on a regular I will never reach 20 unbroken. Without running on my own outside of the gym I will never reach a 5 minute mile. Without eating the proper nutrition I will never recover fully nor would I produce enough energy to accomplish these tasks....and I can go on and on. All of these "extra/small goals" help me reach my "big goals". These extra goals are the ones that do the job in helping me achieve my bigger goals.

Many people have "big goals" but never think about what it actually takes in "small goals" to achieve the big goals. Many people have goals to lose weight and become fit... and many of these people show up to a gym to workout to eventually become healthier and fitter. However, many of these people don't set these "small goals" that I talk about that are necessary to achieving these "bigger goals". Anyone can talk a big game saying they want to accomplish this or accomplish that but it is only TALK until you set the stepping stone goal that are accomplished on a daily basis. Without eating properly these people will probably never reach their goal, just like me trying to attain a 5 minute mile without running on my own outside of the gym. Without drinking more water throughout the day instead of soda, juice (and the likes) these people will have an extremely hard time reaching their status of losing weight and becoming healthier/fitter. There are millions of other "small goals" that you can set to help you reach your bigger goals such as become healthier and fitter. Most of these goals that should be set are stuff you do outside of the gym; being lifestyle choices. However, if you don't set these "small goals" in concrete then the "big goals" never move out from being just an illusion.

3.5 years ago I could have easily said that I had a goal to complete Law School. That alone is just an illusion, a dream. I made that illusion a reality by achieving the "small goals" I set out every step of the way. So you say you want to be able to be fit enough to complete a marathon, prove it! So you say you want to become generally healthy and fit, prove it! So you say you want to have a 6 pack next summer, prove it! So you say you want to be fit enough to be able to enjoy life better, PROVE IT! Start out by setting and achieving those "small goals" and before you know it you will achieve your "big goals". If you do not know which "small goals" are required to help you reach your goals, ask anyone at the gym, ask google, ask anyone that knows and they will be more than happy to help. In today's technological/informational world there is NO Excuse to not having the proper information to help you reach your goals.