Saturday, August 30, 2014

LA Reign Match this SUNDAY - Come out and Support!!

Come out Sunday to the Long Beach Pyramid to support Coach Mike and the Los Angeles Reign on their first home match of the season. The match is a 2 hour match and it will start at 4pm sharp so try and get there around 3:30 so you can find your seats and get a beer before it starts. For directions just google "Long Beach Walter Pyramid" and you will find the address. Tickets are available online at or you can buy them there at the venue. See you guys there! Please invite everyone you know and wear your NOX Shirts and or colors. Contact me for any more info: 310-628-4546. 

I missed logging my workouts this week so here they are. I probably left out a few things that I did but here is most of it. 

10 minute EMOM:
1 hang power snatch + 1 snatch (165#) 

15 minute EMOM:
1. 10 hang power cleans (185#)
2. 10 lateral burpees over barbell
3. 30 seconds unbroken dubbs
*goal is to sprint 100% each movement

20 minute AMRAP:
30 KB Swings (1.5 pood)
20 walking lunges
10 dead-lifts (185)

overhead squat tempo work-slow descent and pause at bottom, built up to 215#

5 minute EMOM
1 snatch + 3 overhead squats (155#)
rest 5 minutes
10 minute EMOM
1. 7 OH Squats (155#)
2. 40 yard farmers carry (2x100# dumbbells)
rest 5 minutes
5 minute EMOM
5 touch and go power cleans
(225# for first 3 sets, 245# for last 2 sets)

Mid-Day Sesh
10 Rounds:
250 Row (1:40 or faster pace) + 12 GHD Sit-ups
rest 30 seconds between rounds

"Fight Gone bad"
3 rounds, 1 minute at each station for max reps.
1. wallballs
4. box jumps
5. burpees
6. rest

Monday, August 25, 2014

25 Days til' Dynamic Duo!! NPGL Tickets

NOX Training has been going hard, and are well on our way to be ready for the Dynamic Duo competition coming up Sept. 20.

Also, Coach Mike and the LA Reign will have a home match this Sunday (31st) in Long Beach. So far we have 11 people that have paid for the group discounted tickets. We need 20+ people to purchase at the discount price in order to receive the discount...if we don't have 20+ people by Friday then I will refund all the money and we can just pay the regular price at the door, which is about $15 more for the Premium Seats that everyone has reserved thus far. So spread the word and lets get 9 more people so that we can take advantage of the discount.

 Coach Mike Testing out the thruster ladder for the upcoming NPGL Matches

30 minute AMRAP:
200m run
2 power snatches (135#)
3 muscle-ups

5 Minute EMOM:
2 back squats @395#

30 Minute Handstand walk practice

20 minute EMOM:
5 thrusters (75#) + 5 pull-ups + 5 burpees Every minute on the minute

20 Minute EMOM:
1. 10 kb swings (+88#)
2. 1 legless rope climb

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Fat-burning and "Fran"

The 10 second countdown before "Fran". 

Metabolic Analysis of “Fran”
Since we did “Fran” at NOX yesterday I decided I would share this video posted below, which was published on CrossFit’s Youtube Channel on the analysis that a body goes through while performing Fran and also what the body goes through during the recovery from a high intense workout such as fran. Fran is a CrossFit benchmark workout that is extremely high intensity and short compared to workouts people perform at globo gyms. This video analyzes athlete Julie Foucher during Fran but this analysis applies towards any other HIGH INTENSITY workout. This video  not only the analyzes of the body during Fran, but long after as well. At about 8 minutes into the video is where they discuss the scientific parts of working at HIGH intesityy. 

“…Elite athletes have very little body fat on them…because when they train like this for 2-3 hours a day, day after day; during this recovery period where your metabolism is still elevated, you have this very high rate of fat use...".

While performing Fran (or any other extremely high intensity workout/program) an athlete burns primarily stored carbohydrates and almost no fat. However, during the athletes recovery from Fran the athlete starts to burn more fat and less carbohydrates…there is a switch. These results only occur if you attack the workout with 100% HIGH INTENSITY. If you don't go 100% you are only burning a little bit of stored glucose and almost no fat and also almost no fat on the recovery phase that this video talks about…meaning your workout was not as productive as you hoped it to be. So just because you workout 3-5 days a week doesn't mean you are going to burn the fat that you hope to burn…the fat burning comes with INTENSITY, rather than just going through the motions such as a ‘CARDIO’ workout. This is the biggest reason why we are always yelling at each other to "stop resting" and to push harder and faster…because that is where the health gains are made. So remember this next time you want to slow down or stop on your 20 minute EMOM, or 9 minute AMRAP, which were made to attack 100%. 

Watch the full video to get the full info. 

NOX Training compete team did heavy front squats, heavy thrusters, and pull-ups just a few minutes before hitting "Fran".

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Post SoCal Regionals Vacation / First GRID Match

Work Hard, Train Harder, Vacation Even harder! We went to Puerto Vallarta just a few days after Coach Mike placed 7th at the CrossFit Games SoCal Regionals and I had just recently completed my last year of Law School. Here is a video of us messing around after zip lining. (Video from Coach Mike's youtube channel, please subscribe!)

Rewatch the First GRID Match taken place last Tuesday at Madison Square Garden. Please share this video to help spread the word of the NPGL. Also Please share the video above. 


5x3 Back Squat

5 rounds:
10 front squats (225# taken from the ground, no rack)
15 chest to bar pull-ups
-rest 2 minutes between rounds


5 Minute EMOM:
3 power snatch (165# touch and go) + 6 hspu the same minute

rest 5 minutes

5 Minute EMOM:
3 clean and jerks (215#) + 6 box jumps the same minute

rest 5 minutes

5 minute EMOM:
5 deadlifts (315#)

rest 5-10 minutes

2x500m row @100%


8 minute AMRAP:
buy-in with 500m run shuttle (150m out, 150m back, 100m out, 100m back
remaining time AMRAP of: 15 dubbs, 10 hr push-ups, 5 burpees

rest 2 minutes

repeat 1 more time.


6 rounds:
2 minutes hard rowing + straight into 30 seconds handstand hold
rest exactly 1:30

5 minute EMOM
2 snatches + 2 OH squats (135#)

-straight into-

5 minute EMOM
1 Snatch + 2 OH squats (155#-185#)

rest 5 minutes

10 minute EMOM
1 cluster + 2 jerks (175#-225#)

rest 5 minutes

10 Minute EMOM:
12 airs squats + 4 bar muscle ups the same minute

Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekend Training Log

build to a heavy single hang clean

7 minute AMRAP
4 hang squat cleans (185)
muscle up to 8 ring dips
12 box jumps

14 minute AMRAP: 
200m run
10 toes to bar
10 push jerks @115#

Split Jerk Work
worked on sets of 3 for about 30 minutes with light to moderate weight

20 DEADLIFTS (275)
400M RUN
20 KB SWINGS (70)
400M RUN
400M RUN
400M RUN
400M RUN
20 BOX JUMPS (24”)
400M RUN
400M RUN

5 SETS OF 10


Thursday, August 14, 2014

#TBT NOX - The Beginnings

Today's Workload
10 Minute EMOM:
1 snatch + 1 snatch balance + 1 overhead squat

rest 5 minutes

For time:
75 push-ups
50 squat cleans @135#
25 pull-ups

Later in the day
5x3 pause front squats

5 x [1pp + pj + 1j]

10 Minute EMOM:
Alternate between 5 bar muscle ups / 4 ring muscle ups every minute for 10 minutes

10 minute Conga line ring dips
in teams of 4, everyone does sets of 10 ring dips. your rest is everyone else going and cycling through.

Tabata Air Squats (4 minutes)
rest 2 minutes
2 clean and jerks (135#)  every 15 seconds for 4 minutes

Yesterday's Workload
For Time:
Bench Press(185#), Strict Pull-ups, GHDs

5 rounds:
2 minutes to sprint 250m As fast as possible (125m out/125m back)
*rest remaining time
45 seconds barbell press, rest 15 seconds
45 seconds russian twists, rest 15 seconds
45 seconds max effort burpees, rest 15 seconds
-start round 2 after 15 seconds rest. 

Dynamic Duo is just over a month away. Bibo is back home working hard on his own. Here is a video of him hitting hard today, doing a workout I posted on here a couple weeks ago. 

Workout: For time: 50 double unders + 25 GHDs + 5 Muscle ups
40 double unders + 25 GHDs + 4 Muscle ups
30 double unders + 20 GHDs + 3 Muscle ups
20 double unders + 15 GHDs + 2 Muscle ups
10 double unders + 10 GHDs + 1 Muscle ups

Here are some pictures I dug up that were taken about 2.5 years ago. NOX 1.0. #TBT

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Training Photos + LA Reign Home Match Tickets

We have group price discount for Coach Mike's home match on the LA Reign on August 31st. Here is the price breakdown along with the graphic explaining where each seat is located in the stadium. Please give me the Money for the tickets and I will purchase them as a group so that we can get this discount. We need a minimum of 20 people for us to get this discount. If you do not see me then you can give the money to Coach Mike and he will give it to me. Also text me so that you can set up a time to get me the money (310-628-4546). We must buy the tickets soon so please get me the money by the 23rd. Lets spread the word and invite everyone you know that will enjoy a great sporting event. Get together with everyone and see if you want to be in the same section...if so we can make sure we are all seated in the same area.

Prices:VIP - $87
Premium - $42
Activity - $34
Concourse - $22
Bleachers - $18

LOCATION: Long Beach - Walters Pyramid. Go to this site below for more information on the event. 

Here are a few pictures from today's training sesh. feel free to take them and post to social media. If you use them just be sure to tag @noxtraining and hashtag #noxtraining. Thanks. 

Yesterday's Workload
4x3 Back squats @405#

20 Minute EMOM
3 pc + 3 fs + 3 pj @185#
*All 9 reps every minute on the minute until failure

3 rounds
8 unbroken box step-ups with 2x70# dumbbells - right leg
8 unbroken box step-ups with 2x70# dumbbells - left leg
8 broad jumps 
20 seconds L-Sit
15 Weighted sit-ups (35# dumbbell) 

Today's Workload
Snatch work: 1 snatch + 1 oh squat

HS walk practice 15 minutes

3x500m row @1:34 pace
rest 2 minutes after each interval

5 minute EMOM
10 chest to bars

rest 2 min

5 minute EMOM
12 russian swings (115# kettle bell)

rest 2 minutes

5 minute EMOM
6 kb snatch right arm + 6 kb snatch left arm - same minute

rest 2 minutes

For time: 
30 wallballs
60 double unders
20 wallballs
40 double unders
10 wallballs
20 double unders