Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 60: 1,830

7x3 Thrusters

25 Minutes of AirDyne
*12 burpees every 5 minutes, including at the end of the 25th minute
**if you don't have a puddle of sweat around you when you finish then you didn't work hard enough!!

*can't let you guys know my full workout secrets

**see above under wod 2

Couples that WOD together REMAIN together!

For those of you who are still in the burpee challenge, 1,830 is the total number of burpees done to date. Imagine how many calories were burned in addition to your daily workout routine and more than the people who are no longer alive in the challenge. Imagine  how much your fitness increased as a result of 1,800 burpees. To complete the burpee challenge we need to get over 66,000 burpees in the year 2013. Seems so far away yet we are well on our way. Keep it up! The easiest way to knock out the daily dose of burpees is to do a certain amount every minute until they are completed. For example tomorrow we have 61 burpees to do. Set the clock and do 6 every minute for 10 minutes and you will have them done (7 on the 10th minute). If you think about the burpee challenge this way then it will be easy...No problem at all.