Tuesday, May 27, 2014

5-27-14: Tuesday Training

25 x 1 Cleans (light to moderate weight, 225#-275#, working on technique)

25 x 1 Clean and Jerk @135# working on Technique

For Time:
500m Row
50 Kb Swings (50#)
400m Row
40 Kb Swings
300m Row
30 Kb Swings
200m Row
20 Kb Swings
10 Kb Swings



The SoCal Regionals are officially in the books and my thoughts about it finally had time to clear up in my head. Bottom line is, the event has left me more motivated than ever before. The SoCal regionals have relit my motivation which I thought I had the whole time; to be able to reach that level and compete at that level by next year. My motivation is much more than it was after my first competition where I was completely exposed with many weaknesses I thought I didn't have. For those of you who have been around NOX since the beginning (2011) and went to the first NLI Competition back in Aug. 2011 know how far I have come since then. That specific competition exposed many of my weaknesses, and after it I immediately went back to NOX and worked on all of those weaknesses. That fire of motivation caused me to put in the work and come back and WIN the next NLI Event just 2 months after that first NLI Competition, where I placed 72nd out of 75. My motivation was so strong that nothing was going to stop me from working on and mastering those weaknesses. I look back and that was probably one of times where I was the most motivated in my athletic career, until this past weekend of course.  Fast forward to 2014 and the regionals motivated me even more than walking away from that first competition. I still have many weaknesses that I have to work on in order to make it to the 2015 Regionals and am willing to put in the work to accomplish that. A similar motivation that I had after walking away from my first competition back in 2011 has come again and I will not let it wane. This is what I have learned about competing in the past...If you ever think you are "ready" or working hard enough, then you are on the wrong mind set. Every time I felt this way I tended to feel over confident and then have it backfire when I step on the competition floor. Never "feel ready" because it will cause you to relax and take the intensity down a notch. I don't think I ever walked away from any of the 8+ competitions I've done happy with my overall performance. After every single competition I walked away with; "I need to work on this" or "I wasn't as good at ____ as I though". I will keep this in mind to push me harder when I thought I was already pushing hard enough. Done.