Tuesday, July 14, 2015

You Are Your Own Person [NOX Training]

For everyone that trains at NOX Training you've probably heard this saying before: “This can be the easiest workout you've ever done, or it can be the toughest workout you've ever done…it’s totally up to you. 

As I was uploading all of the pictures of this blog I read an article Sam posted and felt as if the article was loosely related to what I said above. The article is about the way of life in Thailand. Basically people live for TODAY in Thailand and have a different way of looking at life. Check it out. 

“You are your own person. You got that? You wake up when you want to wake up, you go to bed when you want to go to bed, you do your writing when you want to do your writing, and you stop writing when you want to stop writing.
The creativity will come to you when it comes to you. Stop worrying about what you are supposed to be doing. Just live in the moment. When you do that, everything will just flow naturally.
And this nonsense of ‘allowing’ yourself and ‘granting’ yourself something is bullsh*t. Do you hear me? It’s complete bullsh*t!
That’s such a Western way of thinking. You’re too tense and uptight. The city life is killing you. Here in Thailand, I’ve never felt more relaxed and free in my life. Look! I don’t even wear a watch. F*ck, I don’t even own a watch. I have no where to be except where I want to be. You got that?”...

This is an excerpt from an article entitled, 
"Why I Went To Thailand After Losing My Partner, Job And Apartment." Click here for the full article

Part of Today's Training
3 Rounds:
15 pull-ups
15 kb swings (88#)
15 box jumps (30")

Sets of 2 Legless rope climbs
25-20-15 Toes to bar

Airdyne: 30sec on/30sec off 10 minutes