Monday, May 18, 2015

Meal Prep Monday

Yesterday I made 5 days worth of Lunch and Dinner enough for Caitlyn. Last week she came up to me and asked if I can meal prep for her and I told her I would do it. Caitlyn works 2 jobs, goes to NOX Training and doesn't have much spare time to cook food so she found herself eating unhealthy and anything that is convenient...But we all know that the convenient foods are the most unhealthy foods. Caitlyn has big goals for her health and fitness and knows that she needed to clean up her diet in order to reach them. Eating these foods for lunch and dinner will help her in her her journey to reach her health and fitness goals. 

Buffalo Chicken
Bell peppers
Brown rice

All of this food shown in these containers cost about $60 and took less than 2 hours to make. The main carb sources are from yams and brown rice. The protein is from either chicken or ground beef. Add in some veggies and voila, you have a complete meal.  

Here are some pictures from last weekend.