Monday, April 20, 2015

Meal Prep Mondays - Grocery Shopping List

Here we are again, another Meal Prep Monday. As promised this post will be primarily dedicated to meal prepping, diet, and/or nutrition. More specifically this post is dedicated to a grocery shopping list. Many of us put in numerous hours of work in the gym in hopes of becoming stronger, fitter, and healthier. However, most people don't understand that the foundation of a good fitness program is nutrition. Without a good foundation you cannot build the level of fitness and health that you would like.

My rule of thumb when grocery shopping is that if one cannot grow or raise it, you should not buy it (for the exception of the blue can on the far left of the picture and an occasional cheat meat/snacks). 
My second rule is to keep it simple. Buying too much variation can leave you overwhelmed and being overwhelmed is not good when it comes to nutrition. I am not going to list how much of each item is in the picture but rather just list what is in the picture. There are mostly fruits and vegetables in the picture but what is not shown are the meats, chicken, and eggs.

This picture is taken in my kitchen, which is what everyone sees right when they enter into the house. I like to keep everything shown outside of the refrigerator because it always reminds me of what I should be eating, and keeps the unhealthy stuff out of sight (out of mind). I walk in the door after training very hungry and the first thing I see are these fruits and veggies so its much more likely that I will put good stuff in my body. We usually go through this stuff pretty fast so we normally don't have to worry about them going bad on us (sometimes we have to store half of it in the fridge during the summer). 
meal prep paleo

In this picture:
Zucchini, Cucumber, onions, apples, bell peppers, red peppers, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, bananas, yams (sweet potatoes), pears, cabbage, avocados, broccoli, oranges, lemons...

Now, in addition to these you should also buy some beef (steak or ground beef), Chicken, eggs, and uncured bacon. Now you have hundreds of combinations of meals that you can make. In my next weeks post I will start mixing this stuff together in case you don't have any ideas. Stay tuned. 

A couple weeks ago I asked if anyone had information that I can post on this blog...and there were several of you that sent me some thank you for that. I will start posting the stuff little by little over the next couple of weeks. But this week I wanted to show you what Sam sent me. For those of you who do not know Sam, he started at NOX a couple months ago and before NOX he used to train at a CrossFit Gym. He had stopped training for a few months before coming to NOX due to a slight knee injury that he got during training. Sam is now back on track to reach his health and fitness goals. He is a hard worker both in and out of the gym and is planning on competing in a competition sometime later this year. He usually eats a clean diet but every once in a while he will enjoy a cheat meal (We both went to Carls Jr over the weekend and ordered the Diablo Burger combo). Anyway, He sent me some photos of his Paleo Friendly pancakes that he makes for breakfast. This seems like an easy recipe that anyone can follow so i'll definitely be giving it a try soon. 

Almond butter, 1 egg, 2 bananas, coconut oil.

 Mash up the bananas (I mash it with a fork),.   Coconut oil to grease up the pan. Cook at low flame. If the consistency is a little too liquidity, use butter to hold that ish together. Breakfast! Stuff your face! #satisfaction

  toss in one egg, mix it up

 Add two spoonfuls of Almond Butter, mix again.

 Boom! Pancake batter!

 Coconut oil to grease up the pan. 

Cook at low flame. If the consistency is a little too liquidity, use butter to hold the batter together.

Today's Training Log
5 x (1 power snatch + 2 full snatches) @130
5 x 3 Jerks @160-170
2 x 7 clean pulls @305
3 x 5 clean pulls @305
1 x 8 Back squats @300
1 x 8 Back Squats @325
1 x 6 back squats @350
2 x 6 back squats @375

4 rounds:
1 minute max hang squat cleans (115#)
1 minute max barbell lateral burpees
1 minute rest

5 minutes:
3 muslce ups every 30 seconds

 I ended up leaving my memory card for my camera at home so I didn't take too many photos other than these from my phone. I'll start taking more photos tomorrow.