Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/27/13: Burners


8 x 500m of alternating between the rower and skiErg. Or stay on the same device throughout all 8 rounds. 
Rest 2 Minutes between each interval. Set a pace that you will have a hard time maintaining for all 8 intervals. I set a goal to keep all under 1:45 for the row and all under 1:55 for the SkiErg. 

Rest 15 Minutes

For Time:
5 Clean and Jerks (185)
5 Muscle ups
50 Double unders
4 Clean and Jerks
4 Muscle ups
40 double unders
3 clean and jerks
3 muscle ups
30 double unders
2 clean and jerks
2 muscle ups
20 double unders
1 clean and jerk
1 muscle up 
10 double unders

For time:
21 Hand Stand Push-ups
21 Hang Cleans (135)
200m run
15 Handstand Push-ups
15 Hang Cleans
200m run
9 Hand Stand push-ups
9 Hang Cleans
200m run

8/26/13: MoSquat Monday

500m Row
Rest 1 Minute
10 Back Squats @40% of 1 Rep Max (1RM)
Rest 2 Minutes
10 Back Squats @50% of 1RM
Rest 2 Minutes
10 Back Squats @60% of 1RM
Rest 2 Minutes
Max Effort Back Squats @80% of 1RM

My Numbers were based of a 425 Back Squat
I used 175, 215, 255, and 340#s
I ended up getting 10 reps at the end. I will be hitting this again in 1-2 weeks and plan on getting 12+ reps on the last set.

7 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible):
9 Back squats (155#)
7 Pull-ups
5 Shoulder to overhead with the same weight.
*goal is to have a challenging weight to where you can do 5 unbroken shoulder to overheads then drop the bar straight on your back so that you go straight into the next rounds back squats without resting.

I ended up getting just under 7 rounds and decided to finish the 7th round even after the time was up.