Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Training + [Photos]

Thursday Training
3x2 clean and jerk
2x1 clean and jerk

5x4 snatch deadlift

5x3 front squat

7 rounds
30 second MAX EFFORT Ski erg
45 sec rest between rounds

8 minute EMOM
50m sled push

Throwback Thursday ["The Transcendent Rep"]

"Theres something you have to understand about training. It is not just the body at work. There is an integration of mind, body, and spirit at play. There is a threshold you have to cross in order to access the power of the mind and the spirit in your training. Lifting barbells isn’t just lifting barbells, lifting barbells is a transformative process that makes you a stronger person INSTANTLY if you cross this threshold. Most people are too scared to cross that threshold. When you cross that threshold you’re like breaking into a fortress and within that fortress there are jewels of untold value that will instantly turn you into a brand new person; a type of person that wherever you go people will know that you are not the same. People will recognize new found power in you simply by approaching training from the spiritual perspective. That power is only found beyond the threshold. That power that is within the fortress that transforms you instantly, that transforms your into a stronger person, that everyone sees, can appreciate… Its found in one place. Theres a single opportunity in your workout to access this gate, to move through and transcend yourself…Its found in the last rep…its called the transcendent rep. Everything that you have done up until this point leads to the single sweet spot, and it is here that you grow stronger…it is here that champions are born. Everything else is just a warmup. You can’t be in the flesh when you approach that transcendent rep, that last rep that your body doesn’t want to do. You must use your mind and spirit as well. But when you cross that threshold not only will your body grow stronger because you did that last rep, but here is an alignment, there is a unity that happens between your mind, your body, your spirit…but only when you’re courageous enough to cross that threshold; that transcendent rep. When you put every ounce of effort, energy, commitment, discipline, into executing that last rep, you transcend and you are born again, you become a brand new person. You’re resurrected in strength and everywhere you go from then on out people will recognize that there is a new found power in you…they can’t see you the same way. They won’t talk to you the same way, they won’t feel you the same way…because you’re brand new. You’ll breath different, you’ll walk different, the look in your eyes will be brand new. More stronger, more direct, more focused, more confident…They will all know that there is a brand new, stronger you."

Throwback Pictures