Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 71: Farewell Diego Araiza

1 Squat snatch + 2 OH squats Every Minute for 10 Minutes

10 Deadlifts / 1 CTB Pull-up
9 Deadlifts / 2 CTB Pull-ups
8 / 3
7 /4
6 / 5
5 / 6
4 / 7
3 / 8
2 / 9
1 Deadlift / 10 CTB Pull-ups
*Deadlifts @ 225#

Double Unders / Ring Dips

"I want to thank everybody at NoX for always being so supportive and inspiring. There's no doubt in my mind anymore that I'm fit enough for these next couple of months of basic training. Thanks Coach Mike for always pushing me to do more even when I didn't believe I could do it. Thanks to Richard for all the advice u gave me. I really want to thank my brother for inspiring me to be a better person and always pushing me through all the work outs. One of my goals this year was to hit 250 in back squat before I left for basic training. Thanks to coach mike I did it. Not only that but I somehow did 275. Most importantly it took all my doubts away. That's when I knew I was ready! Tonight I feel like I'm getting ready for a really big WOD. I'm nervous but it's a good kind of nervous I can't wait to get started. Love all u guys and I'm gonna miss NoX. Good luck to all you guys competing this year. I wish you all the best. "
-Diego Araiza-
Farewell Diego, We all wish you the BEST as well! It was a pleasure hanging out and working out with you at the box. With your mindset and work ethic there is nothing you cannot accomplish. See you when you get back!

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