Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 92: Burpee Challenge is Over!!! + Workload

7 sets of:
1 Power clean + 1 hang squat clean + 1 jerk

"Nasty Girls"
3 rounds for time of:
50 air squats
7 muscle ups
10 hang power cleans @ 135#

I have been testing out a new theory over the past few months and am glad to say that the theory is working out as expected. The theory is called "Workload Theory".  Basically, the theory claims that by merely increasing total #s lifted for a major lift you will increase overall strength in that lift. Accoring to this theory you do not have to always lift heavy weight in order to get stronger. The only requirement in the theory is that you increase the total number of pounds lifted in each major lift gradually each week over a few months time. For example, if you squat a total weight of 55,000 lbs in a week (total # = weight multiplied by reps) then the following week you should increase the total pounds lifted to about 57,000 pounds. As long as you keep up with that trend over a few months then you should see great results. I know there are many other variables that affect the result but I did not take those into consideration.

Over the past few months I rarely power cleaned more than 225#, which is less than 80% of my max. With rarely lifting over 80% of my 1RM max I was able to increase my power clean 20#. Over the past few months most of my lifts were done in the 50%-75% of my previous 1RM. Bottom line is, According to the theory, you do not have to max out or lift really heavy weight to get stronger. Increase total poundage lifted week after week and you will see your strength increase as well. Still some more testing to be done with this theory but I can tell it is taking me on the right track towards strength/power gains.

I have been practicing full squat cleans as well and know that my full clean PR will be much higher. Can't wait to see what my full clean max will be but I probably wont find out for a while because I am going back to the workload phase to increase my strength.

If you are looking for new training methods and theories I recommend that you try this one out. I have only mentioned the basics about the theory. To find out more check out the CrossFit Journal Article posted down below. 

As far as I know the last few people that are in the burpee challenge is Mike, Ash, Peach, and myself. As of yesterday I am out of the burpee challenge (I let 3 days pile up and did not want to make them up).

In the End I ended up performing 2025 burpees as part of the challenge. Not too bad. Next year I will try a push-up or a squat challenge.

APRIL FOOLS! IM STILL IN IT even though I have 3 days to make up. For those of you who thought I was serious should do 1000 burpees for believing that. 

Check out Julie Foucher's Blog. She rarely updates her blog with posts but when she does it is a good read. She has recently posted an update that is definitely worth reading. Check it out here.