Monday, August 25, 2014

25 Days til' Dynamic Duo!! NPGL Tickets

NOX Training has been going hard, and are well on our way to be ready for the Dynamic Duo competition coming up Sept. 20.

Also, Coach Mike and the LA Reign will have a home match this Sunday (31st) in Long Beach. So far we have 11 people that have paid for the group discounted tickets. We need 20+ people to purchase at the discount price in order to receive the discount...if we don't have 20+ people by Friday then I will refund all the money and we can just pay the regular price at the door, which is about $15 more for the Premium Seats that everyone has reserved thus far. So spread the word and lets get 9 more people so that we can take advantage of the discount.

 Coach Mike Testing out the thruster ladder for the upcoming NPGL Matches

30 minute AMRAP:
200m run
2 power snatches (135#)
3 muscle-ups

5 Minute EMOM:
2 back squats @395#

30 Minute Handstand walk practice

20 minute EMOM:
5 thrusters (75#) + 5 pull-ups + 5 burpees Every minute on the minute

20 Minute EMOM:
1. 10 kb swings (+88#)
2. 1 legless rope climb