Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 15: "Spartans"

The Beast- Neal Maddox @ OC Throwdown

"Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should, they never get around to do what they want to do." 
-Kathleen Winsor

5 x 3 Touch and go power cleans (dont drop the bar until 3rd rep is complete)
-3 High box jumps after each set
-5 unbroken ring muscle ups after each set following box jumps (scaled: 5 strict pull-ups)

"Spartans": Complete the following as fast as possible while still maintaining form.

21 Hang Cleans (advanced: males 135#/Females 95#) (Scaled: males 105#/Females 75#)
21 Box Jumps (24" males/ 20" females)
15 Hang Cleans
15 Box Jumps
9 Hang Cleans
9 Box Jumps

* try and complete each set of hang cleans unbroken

Rest 5 Minutes

5 sets of 120 Yard Sprints (60 yards out/ 60 yards back) every 50 seconds.
*your rest will be the remaining time of each 50 seconds block. For example if it takes you 20 seconds to run the 120 yards, you will rest 30 seconds and do you next set once the 50 seconds is over.

This Sunday the NoX Compete crew will have 3 Teams competing at LA Battle of the Boxes. One of the teams members is our friend Danielly from RC Crossfit. Please come and support the NoX Compete Team.