Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1 More Rep!!

"You can Discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation" 

I like this quote because I feel like I get to know more about a person while working out with him or her in the gym than going out to lunch or to a show. 

Coach Mike Practicing a movement in his upcoming NPGL Season on the LA Reign. 

Throw back to last year Legendary Competitor competition. I probably don't have to say anything about this pic for you to know whats going on in it but i'll say it anyway. Courtney just has one more rep to complete the workout. The last rep in a competition workout is one of the toughest challenges one will face both mentally and physically. At this point you don't think you have enough energy to complete the workout and somehow you push through and complete the workout. Completing that last rep is a sign of relieve, a sign of accomplishment. I have competed in about 10 fitness competitions in the past 3 years and I will tell you that there was not one time where I walked away at the end of competition day and felt like completely satisfied with my performance. Each competition left me with discovering a "hole" in my fitness...whether it is cardio, stamina, endurance, or flexibility. The biggest hole that I have discovered from every competition is my stamina and endurance. I have never walked away from a competition satisfied with my levels of stamina and endurance. Strength was never an issue with me but stamina and endurance always got me. I keep reminding me of that fact every time I train and want to rest.  Dynamic duo is less than 2 months away so lets push hard til its go time. 

Tuesday's WORKLOAD
10 minute AMRAP
10 alternating Dumbbell snatches (70#) 
30 double unders

5 minute EMOM
5 touch and go power snatches (155#)

5 minute EMOM
5 touch and go clean and jerks (155#)

5 minute EMOM
5 deadlifts (2 minutes with 315# / 3 minutes with 365#)

6 Rounds:
2 minutes ski-erg
2 minutes burpee muscle ups on rings
2 minutes rest

Overhead squat work with light weight - working on full depth and slow descent

Hang snatch work with light weight (super high hang, with no dip) 

12 minute AMRAP:
8 overhead walking lunges (95# barbell)
12 kettle bell swings (1.5 pood) 
8 dips (on jerk blocks)