Thursday, April 23, 2015

Women Train Harder than Men!

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."

I believe in this quote 100%. Many people talk a big game but cannot back it up when it comes time to play.  If you ever want to get to know someone, don't just talk to them and have a conversation with them, but rather, workout with that person...You'll get to know that person much more after an hour of hard training (play) than you would over lunch. See exactly how that person will act when facing adversity. While working out intensely with that person you will know exactly how that person is in the real life. Seeing the other person struggle in a workout, and seeing how they react to that workout will give you insight into how that person is in the real world. 

Random Fact: Women Train harder than men.
Well, I think that is true at NOX Training. I have been paying close attention to the women at NOX Training lately and have noticed that the women at NOX are much more dedicated to their goals than the Men. The women at NOX are more focused and attack every workout with much more heart and passion than the men. The women are much more consistent with their effort, their nutrition, and everything that goes with them achieving their health and fitness goals.  The pictures posted below are from some of the women who put in work today at NOX and I think display what I am trying to say accurately. This post is dedicated to the hard working women at NOX Training. Keep it up ladies!! And keep on setting a good example for the guys. Guys, its time to step it up! 

Today's Training
5 x 3 position snatch

2 x 7 snatch pulls
3 x 5 snatch pulls

5 x 5 snatch push press

3 x 8 good mornings

Partner push-ups
alternating sets of 10 and 5 until 300 push-ups are met (300 each partner, 600 total)

Partner pull-ups (strict)
alternating sets of 5 and 3 until 120 are complete (120 each partner, 240 total)

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