Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 36: Aristotle in a Box

*Everyone, please read article at the end of the post.*

Warm up 
10x 25 Double unders
Dynamic Warm up Drills
Mobility Drills

30 minute Power Clean Pyramid.
Start the clock to count from 0:00 to 30:00.

Minutes 0-9: 3 touch and go power cleans Every min on the minute (EMOTM) @ 225#
Minutes 10-14: 2 touch and go cleans @ 245# (EMOTM)
Minutes 15-18: 2 touch and go cleans @ 255# (EMOTM)
Minutes 19-21: 1 clean every 30 seconds @ 265#
Minutes 22-24: 2 touch and go cleans @ 255# (EMOTM)
Minutes 25-30: 3 touch and go  cleans @ 225 (EMOTM)

*Then 5 Touch and go clean buyout @ 225#
** your rest is the remaining time for each minute.

-Rest 15-20 Minutes

12 Minute AMRAP of:
9 Ring dips (9 Ring push-ups)
12 lateral box jump overs (15" box)
15 Kettle bell swings @ 1.5 Pood

-Then 35 burpee Buyout as fast as possible after 12 minutes are over.

*each round alternate between ring dips and pushups. ex: first round you will do ring dips, second round you will do ring pushups, back to ring dips on the third round, etc.

Julie Foucher, 2nd place at the 2012 CrossFit games has registered for the open...and she considers it to be an "off-season" as she is focusing on Medical School. If you train 3+ days a week and you have been doing so consistently for 5+ months then you should register for the open. If not, what is your excuse? Registration is Live at the Games Site