Thursday, July 2, 2015

Halfway Through 2015 [Goals]

We are halfway through 2015. I glanced at the whiteboard at NOX Training today and was looking at the various goals people have up there. Have you accomplished any of them yet? Have you gotten closer to achieving any of the goals yet? 

Training starts with your mind. If you can train your mind to be strong, it will be easy to train your body to become strong. People try and become bigger, stronger, faster...but forget that it starts with the mind. Train you mind more than you train your body and it will be exponentially easier to accomplish your physical goals. 

Part of Today's Training
5x1 front squat
7x1 snatch
5x1 [2 position clean + jerk]
3x10 deadlifts

4x500m row

5 minutes of 30 sec farmers hold + 30 seconds burpees