Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 98: Chris Spealler

Chris Spealler is the only athlete to compete in ALL six CrossFit Games. The 33-year-old has been called a legend among the CrossFit community.
"I think I'm always the underdog ... no one gave this name to me ... I earned every bit of it," he says.

To be competitive in the Sport of fitness year after year requires a substantial amount of improvement year after year and adaptation to a sport that is ever changing. Some years see heavy weights, some see long and light workouts, and some years years see movements never before seen. 
A big element of training and competing for the unknown events in CrossFit at the level of the Games is Nutrition. Listed below is a typical day of what Chris Spealler consumes during a training day. How does your nutrition compare to this? 
"I’ve just recently stepped away from eating nearly 5000 cal a day as I really started to feel like crap, just flat out unhealthy and the engine needed some cleaning!  So let me begin by saying forcing your body to grow is not necessarily a healthy thing in and of itself.  I spent about 2 months on days similar to this."
Perfect Foods Bar: 300 cal
4 Slices of Bacon: 311 cal
3 Whole Eggs and 1 Egg White: 330 cal
2 Tbsp Fish Oil: 160 cal
220 grams Chicken: 365 cal
Salad Dressing: 160 cal
Sweet Potato Fries: 200 cal
Salad Dressing: 160 cal
140 grams Ground Beef: 381 cal
84 grams Sweet Potato: 97 cal

Snacks:  You’ll notice my meals aren’t very big.  I’m not one for sitting down and eating tons of food, so snacking is key!

Protein/Creatine Shake: 410 cal
Perfect Foods Bar: 300 cal
Lara Bar: 200 cal
Heavy Cream in iced coffee (A LOT): 200 cal
Mojo Bar: 200 cal
Almond Butter Packet: 200 cal
 "This gets me to roughly around 3500 cal a day.  I would finish it off with a 1000 calorie shake right before gong to bed.  Here is what it’s made up of:"
1 Cup Whole Milk
2 Cups Vanilla Almond Milk
3 Tbsp Peanut Butter
2 Scoops Choc Protein Powder

"It’s a TON of fluid and is about 32 oz or so.
 A couple of things to keep in mind.  I wouldn’t count any fruit or veggies that I ate since they really don’t offer up much of a calorie count.  I also tended to round down in my calorie count just so I would play it more conservative.  I know this is probably not much food for some of you out there but coming from a wrestling background I got used to performing on less food in my stomach.  Because of this I generally don’t feel very good when I start forcing food down the hatch.  Dairy is an easy place to get some substantial calories in but it’s something that doesn’t mix well with me… just ask my poor wife!  It also makes me have a ton more snot in my throat and nose.  Not something that makes me feel so wonderful for met cons."