Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eat the Yolk [Tuesday Training Blog]

Nutrition is always a big topic that goes along side working out and comes up very often at NOX.

Before deciding on a nutrition plan be sure to spend hours upon hours of researching what you are going to eat because nutrition is very complex and is the foundation of the way your body and mind work. If you are missing nutrients then your body and mind are not going to function properly...especially when training in high intensity like we do at NOX Training. Skipping out on the yolk of the egg just because you heard somewhere that it is bad is not research. "Carb cutting" just because it is the new fancy thing that everyone is doing is not research. Carbs and healthy fats are essential for energy to get you through your workouts. Before getting into the "Carb Cutting", "Fat cutting" type diet fads you should start out by simply cutting your processed food intake. This alone will work much better than the former. And again, just because I said that doesn't mean it is right...Do your research because you can do some permanent damage if you do not. 

I was reading through the latest edition of "Consumer Reports" and came across some good information:

Oh, how times have changed. Just a generation ago between-meal eating was RARE among Americans, with many people firmly believing it was a sure way too spoil their apetite. Today, we have a SERIOUS SNACK HABBIT. The snack food market is a $33billion business in the US. 90% of adultsnosh on any given day, according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey--and about 40% munch on snacks 3 times a day or more. 

According to a 2015 report from the market research firm, people say they snack primarily to satisfy a craving or to boost energy. But surveys might not be capturing the subtle triggers that nudge people to nibble because consumers are probably not aware of them. 

The desire to be healthy drives some consumers' snack choices, but people also want to indulge themselves. And Food manufacturers are positioning their products to appeal to those duel desires. More than 7 in 10 snack foods on the market today are being advertised as being "better for you", according to Innova Market insights. The question is, though, are they really?

Take snacks with protein claims, for example. "Protein is one of the biggest trends in snack foods today. If you see protein claim on say, a brownie, you might think that it is ok to eat a brownie, because protein is good, right? 

Just because something is high in protein doesn't mean it is good for you. Snack bars, popular and portable, also contain highly processed ingredients or so much sugar that you might as well have a candy bar. 

Just the plethora of snack foods available can send the signal to eat, even when we might not really be hungry...

This is just a snippet from the full article posted on the Consumer Reports (July-September) 2015 Edition. The article continued on to say that snacking is good, but you must snack on the right things. The article kind of went along with what I said above...LOWER YOUR PROCESSED FOOD INTAKE!!

Today's EXTRA Credit Training
**After doing a bunch of kettlebell swings, sit-ups, sumo deadlift high pulls, planks, chest to bar pull-ups, weightlifting, etc...
5 Rounds:
20 Cal Row AFAP
Handstand walk 20m

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