Sunday, January 25, 2015

Battle in the Pass Competition

So many pictures were taken on my camera over the past 2 days. Sorry that they took so long to publish as I had technical difficulties in uploading them. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching everyone from NOX Compete yesterday. Some competed for the first time, some competed in the Rx Division for the first time, and others made it their 2nd competition(or more). Everyone gave it their all in each and every event and that is what makes Coach Mike proud. I've been an athlete most of my life and have learned that I will never be 100% happy with a competition performance (even when I won) and think that is a good thing. We learn more about ourselves from competition than we cannot learn in practice. We take what we learn and apply it toward the next task we seek to accomplish. I hope that everyone who competed walked away with a great experience wanting to get better and stronger both mentally and physically...Because that is what this is all about. To live healthier, fitter, happier lives. 

The first several photos are from Friday's training session, then they will go into the competition photos. Feel free to use these photos as you want but just be sure to tag @noxtraining and @rxaction if you use them on Social Media. Thanks. 

Saturday Training
10 minute AMRAP:
20 walking lunges
10 push-ups
20 sit-ups

20 minute AMRAP
10 box jumps
10 ring rows
10 ring push-ups

5 minute EMOM
12 russian swings (115#)

7 Rounds:
5 hang power snatch (135#)
5 bench press (185#)