Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5-6-14 Torque Tuesday + "Going All IN"

Coach Mike Training for the CrossFit SoCal Regionals coming up in a few weeks. Please Subscribe to my Youtube channel, Thanks!
12 Minute Power Snatch EMOM
Min 1-3: 5 power snatches touch and go 
Min 4-7: 3 power snatches touch and go
Min 8-12: 1 power snatch

-rest 4 minutes-

12 Minute Clean and Jerk EMOM
Min 1-3: 5 clean and jerks touch and go 
Min 4-7: 3 clean and jerks touch and go
Min 8-12: 1 clean and jerk

-rest 4 minutes-

5 Rounds: 
Dumbbell complex: 35# dumbbell in each hand
(8 bent over rows + 4 rdl left leg + 4 rdl right leg + 8 upright rows + 8 shoulder press)
*perform the complex unbroken
8 Strict pull-ups

Shout out to my boy Alex for putting in HARD work lately. Alex plans on making 2014 all about gains (health and performance) and entering into a few competitions by the end of the year. Not only has Alex been training hard lately, he also makes sure his fuel (diet and nutrition) is on point. Take of look at the food he brings in from the grocery store (notice you see all natural foods and no processed foods). 

My pops always says, “If you're not gonna go all the way, why go at all?” I tell my track and field athletes, in order to give yourself the best opportunity come game day you need to focus on 3 things; Training, Sleep, and Nutrition. Some people forget about one or more of these things and forgetting or ignoring the importance of one area can significantly impact the other 2 areas. 

Some people even forget about training and how much is needed to be the best you can be. Some people think that natural talent can pick up the slack when training volume lacks. This is not the case; hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. 

Most people forget the importance of sleep. 6-8 hours is recommended for average folks who just live a regular life without training for competition. This means that you should be getting minimum of 8 hours of sleep if you are putting your body through intense training. Without proper sleep you will not reap the proper benefits of your training. A study in the journal SLEEP confirms the role of sleep in performance with results that show declines in split-second decision making following poor sleep. Results also showed increased accuracy in well-rested subjects.
Exercise depletes energy, fluids, and breaks down muscle. Hydration and the right fuel are only part of training and recovery. What athletes do in the moments during and immediately after competition also determines how quickly their bodies rebuild muscle and replenish nutrients. This helps maintain endurance, speed, and accuracy.
Some research suggests that sleep deprivation increases levels of stress hormone, cortisol. Sleep deprivation has also been seen to decrease production of glycogen and carbohydrates that are stored for energy use during physical activity. In short, less sleep increases the possibility of fatigue, low energy, and poor focus at game time. It may also slow recovery post-game.
So make sure you pay attention to the 3 areas that will make you perform better come game time. It's kind of like a stool with 3 legs; without one leg the stool will not stand.