Sunday, July 13, 2014


Friday Workload
32 Minute EMOM:
1. 10 alt arm dumbbell snatches (80#)
2. 10 overhead med-ball wall tosses
3. 50 sec max effort barbell curls (45#)
4. 30 seconds max effort air dyne


1 x 2 @ 145
1 x 2 @ 155
1 x 1 @ 165
1 x 1 @ 175
1 x 1 @ 165

*after snatch I tried doing my clean and jerks/squats but it wasn't happening; shoulders have been feeling tight, back feeling tight. So I took a couple hours off and then went back to the gym to get it in and was feeling much better better at that time. Instead of going to NOX I decided to check out my old gym, Canyon Crest Athletic club, which is walking distance from my house. They recently put in a weightlifting platform so I was able to get in some good work. The only thing I didn't like was that everyone else at the gym was moving around with NO INTENSITY. Even while they were "working out" I noticed that rarely anyone was building a sweat due or breathing hard due to the lack of intensity. I felt that lack of intensity rubbing off on me about halfway through my workout but somehow managed to shake out of it. This goes to show you that you should choose wisely where you train because your surroundings can have a big impact on you, whether you want to believe it or not. This is why I like training at NOX Training...90% of the people are going 100% on their workouts. Remember this next time you are working out around others, your intensity can and will rub off on the people around you. Don't be that person that is half ass-ing it and bringing everyone else' intensity down. Rather than drop down to a lower intensity, bring everyone else to a high level of intensity which you bring. Intensity is contagious! Anyway, since I was around exercise machines that I haven't used in forever I decided to feel what it was like to do some body building exercises after my clean/jerks and squats.

Clean and Jerk
2 x 1 @ 210
2 x 1 @ 225
1 x 1 @ 240
1 x 1 @ 255
1 x 1 @ 240

8 Rounds:
20 Leg extensions
20 hamstring curls
*doing these before the squats made the squats feel that much heavier.

1 x 5 @ 315
1 x 5 @ 335
1 x 4 @ 355
2 x 3 @ 385

10 rounds:
12 strict pull-ups
12 dips

1 min on/1 minute off for 10 minutes

I ended up doing a bunch of other machine exercises but I don't feel like writing them all out.

SUNDAY WORKLOAD (active rest day)
AM Track Workout

400m run warm-up


15 minutes doing Hurdle Drills  (walkovers and skips)

4x1000m run repeats at a hard but steady pace
*brisk walk 200m rest

Underwater Swimming
20 Minute AMRAP
Max # of lengths of pool swimming underwater holding your breath

Check out a quick Video I uploaded to Coach Mike's Youtube page. I didn't spend much time editing but rather I just compiled all of the events from his first match as a Pro Athlete. Everything else that he was not in was cut out. Enjoy! Please Subscribe and Share the video so that people can see coach Mike's youtube channel. Thanks!