Monday, January 19, 2015

Post WODapalooza Competition

I am happy to be home after spending the past few days in Miami. The WODapalooza competition was the best competition I have been to thus far, outside of the CrossFit Games and it motivated me to train harder for the upcoming season. Congrats to everyone from RxAction who competed against the top in the world. Coach Mike's team ended up placing 7th in the Men's elite division and watching them made me want to compete on a team next year. So in one year I plan to head back to Miami to compete on a team with Coach Mike, and most likey Ryan Nerenberg...I think we can win it.

 I shot a bunch of pictures while I was there but I decided to only post a small percentage of them. Enjoy

Today's Training
For time:
150 Wallballs (30#)
30 muscle ups

15 minute EMOM
1 snatch balance + 3 overhead squats same minute

3 sets of Every 10 Minutes For time (rest remaining time, 30 minutes total)
Plate lunges
SDHP (88# KB)
kb swings (70#)
HR Push-ups
*40 headcutters for time (53#)

10 Minute EMOM
1. 16 box jump overs
2. 16 chest to bar pull-ups
alternating minutes