Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Danny" Workout / Fundraiser

If you want something tough: 135# clean and jerks, and 30" burpee box jumps. There was a great turn out to Danny's workout fundraiser today at NOX Training. If you could not make it today you can still donate this upcoming week, just bring $ and give it to myself or Coach Mike. All $ will go to Danny. Thank you for everyone that came and contributed. Please snapshot and save any photos you like and post them on social media. Also thank you Bell for taking all of the photos (but you still don't get a pass for sitting out on the workout...having a party to go to is no excuse!!!...remember what NOX 1.0 had on top???) 

The Start
Mike, Mikey, and myself cruising at 5:30 mile pace. It felt like we were going much slower and we were surprised when the clock read 5:30 when we got done with the mile run. We have been putting in numerous hours of  running during our "rest days" and it is paying off. 

Why is pops ahead of some of our Dynamic Duo competitors?

Only 2 ropes at NOX so we did alternating rope climbs. It is probably the same pace I would have done them anyway since Mike does 1 in about 5 seconds. 

The sticky bandit from home alone did the workout also. 

Why are you laying on your back. For those of you who don